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Update your certification or learn a new specialty


What Does Massagenist Mean?

 You get your flowers from a florist, your smile from a dentist and your massages from a massagenist, right? A massagenist loves to give massage to people regardless of  what they look like, who they love, what country they come from or who they voted for. We need more massagenists in the world!

The symbol you see on this website is a West African Adinkra symbol, used to communicate wisdom and community values. It's meaning, "HELP ME AND LET ME HELP YOU", embodies cooperation and interdependence. It is the only way we can share this lovely world.

Our Courses

Update your CE or learn a new specialty



Rene M., Ft Lauderdale

Maryah has been a great teacher. She gives me tools I use that improve my body mechanics and my hands aren't as tired. I've learned so much already and look forward to MORE of her detailed classes!


Rocky S., Orlando

Maryah is a very knowledgeable and professional teacher. Her classes are fun and informative and for therapists of all abilities. I've been doing massage for 11 years and she offered many tools I've been able to incorporate into my routine and treatments. I would definitely recommend her classes to others and look forward to attending more in the future.

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