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Born to Unite

Good morning fellow massagenists, those who join me in loving people because of diversity. Valuing and respecting differences in others is often difficult, and I cannot remember a time more challenging than right now in these very UN-United States of America.

I have been busy the last few months, and will share more with you in a later blog to reflect on the changes I have made. Summarily, I relocated to Vermont in July to accept a position working as a mental health counselor. My massage practice has been suspended for now due to COVID19, yet my massage education continues as a bridge to bring people together. I will be re-vamping some of my courses for online distance learning to provide CEs for licensed therapists, and will also be developing more classes for the general public.

Tributes, blogs, editorials and reflections on the life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg have been flooding the internet with memories of those who knew her and those who knew her work. As a woman who has always carried a mission to unite people from the time I could read, I was touched to come upon an image of RBG when she was a young child. The article contained some excerpts from an editorial she wrote for her school newspaper at the age of 13. I share her words and the image of her below. This article was written as Ruth contemplated the horrible human suffering during and after the second world war.

"No one can feel free from danger and destruction until the many torn threads of civilization are bound together again. We cannot feel safer until every nation , regardless of weapons or power will meet together in good faith, the people worthy of mutual association. There CAN be a happy world and there will be once again, when men create a strong bond, unbreakable by studied prejudice or a passing circumstance." RBG...age 13

RBG (March 15, 1933-September 18, 2020) BORN TO UNITE! THANK YOU RUTH

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