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Gut Feelings and Personal Power

Last month I wrote about the amazing heart and heart chakra energy.  I would like to take the time the next 3 months to explore the first three chakras in descending order, beginning with the Solar Plexus.


Many of us casually refer to "gut instinct" or use phrases such as "I just had a gut feeling.." I would like to joyfully introduce you to the seat of these feelings: The Solar Plexus. 


The collection of nerves known as the solar plexus exit from the thoracic vertebrae T8 to T12, our mid back region.  Physically, these nerves regulate our digestion and assimilation of food, therefore impacting the stomach, liver, adrenals, gall bladder and small intestines.  There is an intimate physical connection between the gut and the brain. There are networks of neurons that serve as information processors, sort of like little computers. These computers are located in little nets that surround the brain as well as the heart and intestines, and are capable of processing information in complex ways. The send information from the gut and organ tissues to the spinal cord and up to the brain.  Three branches of this network will then send various input to different parts of the brain to affect 1.)Heart rate and respiration 2.) the endocrine system (ie) insulin production  3.) the prefrontal cortex, which gives rise to the formulation of emotions and feelings. 

The diaphragm, a large muscle which forms the floor of the heart and the ceiling for the stomach may be thought of as the intersection of the solar plexus and the heart chakra.  Breathing effectively through deep inhalation and exhalation allows a balanced energy flow in between the chakras.


Energetically, the solar plexus is a flower with 5 petals, exiting from the front of the body. It's territory is just below the sternum down to the navel.   It corresponds with the color yellow,  citrine crystals and topaz gemstones.  Essential oils which are effective in working with the solar plexus are Bergamont or Rosemary to stimulate, or Vetivert and Rose oil to soothe.  Musically, choose a classical piece in the key of E:  Mozart's Symphony No.39 in E-flat Major.  Having a healthy and strong solar plexus is indicated by a good balance between feeling and logic, between the heart and the brain.  Making use of information as well as intuition "gut feelings" is the best way to make decisions.  If you have never had your abdomen massaged, you may want to try it next time you receive a full body massage.   You can also perform an abdominal massage on yourself by gently making light, slow circles from right to left on your abdomen.   Buy yourself some yellow flowers, wear a yellow shirt, and put a squeeze of lemon in your water to boost your Solar Plexus today!  See you next month when I share a little about your sacral chakra, our creative center.

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