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As I examine more closely the kind of reach, teaching and influence I want to have in the world, I look outside myself and what I already know. I find inspiration, clarity and joy by looking at the words and examples of others. The Massagenist uses the tool of massage to teach and reach out to others, to connect and bridge differences. The next two blogs will feature two people. The first one is my father, Thomas Smith, who never stops writing letters to the editor of his local paper. His approach is to always identify and point to what is corrupt in our thinking as a society and then call us all to return to the counsel of our higher selves and our hearts. I will be posting a letter he wrote which urges us all to examine our belief systems. Yes, I have my father's permission to do so!

The second inspiration comes from a young man I never met, but whose interview on NPR touched my heart greatly and caused me to write my own letter to a powerful CEO. Briefly, this is the story of Jeremiah Cribb, a young man of 24, driving as a contractor for FedEx. On a dark bridge at 2:00 am, on 2/21/20 he stopped his FedEx truck to assist two stranded motorists. As a result of his kindness and bravery, he sustained serious injuries and will have many bills to pay. In the spirit of my father, I wrote a letter to the CEO of FedEx, which I will share as well.

As our country crumbles and polarizes and we attack one another for differences, we become angry, and tired and then tired of being angry. I have often maintained that if we joined popular media to only focus on the good, we would all have a better day. Peace in the world starts with the belief in goodness. Enjoy my new blogs, WHAT IS GOOD IN AMERICA , and please feel obligated to share!

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