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How to write summary of paragraph

How to Write a Summary (With Examples of Summaries Summarizing a Paragraph - LBCC How to Start a Summary Paragraph (with Pictures) - wikiHow How to Start a Summary Paragraph (with Pictures) - wikiHow How to Write a Summary | Guide & Examples Step 1: Read the text. You should read the article more than once to make sure you’ve thoroughly understood it.. Step 2: Break the text down into sections. To make the text more manageable and understand its sub-points, break it down... Step 3: Identify. Write down what you think the main point of the piece is. This will help you start to put the piece's arguments in your own words. You can also. With a great summary, you can condense a range of information, giving readers an aggregation of the most important parts of what they’re about to read (or in some cases, see).

A well-written summary provides a basic. How to Summarize a Paragraph 1. Preview and read. Preview and read the paragraph closely. You probably will find that you need to read the paragraph more than one time. 2.Make a list or outline. Determine the main idea and the supporting details of the paragraph. Make a list or outline of these ideas. Be sure to use your own words. 3.Write a summary. Using your thesis and your outline, write the first draft of your summary in a way that logically connects each of your sections and main ideas. You don’t need to use every single section you’ve broken your source into. Try removing parts that don’t relate strongly to the thesis to keep your summary between 200 and 500 words. Make a list of all the significant aspects as you read the paragraph, highlight it with a pen and incorporate them in the summary. Follow the passage's primary concept with the facts, points, methods, etc.

given in the passage. Include all of the significant terminology and keywords from the paragraph, while explaining it in your own words.

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How to write summary of paragraph

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