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The Creative Center of YOU!

We have explored the heart, the solar plexus, and now have descended to the second chakra. Other names for this chakra are the sacral chakra or the spleen chakra. Anatomically located at the level of the first through the third lumbar vertebrae, this center is tied to the functions of the adrenal glads, the reproductive system, and the entire muscular system of the body. Housed in the pelvic cavity, it influences the elimination functions of the body as well as the activities of the spleen, bladder, pancreas and kidneys. The lumbar plexus is the part of the Central Nervous system which oversees this portion of our spine and the related organs.

Let's now link this Western view to the traditions of the East. In Chinese medicine and martial arts practices, the second chakra is referred to energetically as the hara. It is the primal energy of life, and exits as a 6 petal orange flower just below the navel. Our movement, strength, and intentions are driven from this base of our creative life force. It is not only the sexual physical energy designed for procreation, it is the energy behind every creative act we accomplish: painting, dancing, singing, and composing blog posts. The emotional task of this chakra is to create joyfully and responsibly without shame. To develop this chakra to it's highest potential, one needs to be comfortable with intimacy and authentic self expression. Due to the intimate link with both sex organs and elimination, it is common for people to develop blockages in this area that are tied in with shame and guilt. Often creativity gets misused in self destructive tendencies, or suppressed. Low back pain is a very common complaint which drives people to seek massage. In addition to traditional massage, it may be helpful to ask yourself if you are fulfilling the creative aspects of your life! To specifically feed the energy of this chakra, engage in a creative pursuit. Art, music, dance, even daydreaming all open up this powerful energy center. Musically, music in the key of D is a vibratory match with the second chakra (Mahler's Symphony No. 1 in D Major). Essential oils to nourish and quiet the second chakra are rosemary, rose geranium or geranium. The latter is particularly helpful for calming and balancing tired adrenal glands, and lab testing shows a marked decrease in cortisol production after inhaling the essence of geranium oil. To stimulate creativity, use amber. Semi precious and precious gemstones working effectively with this chakra are: topaz, citrine, amber, and jasper. Eat oranges or orange root vegetables to boost this energy center and check your wardrobe and make sure you own and wear an orange item frequently. Add a splash of orange to your home decor in the form of flowers......or even better, an original painting YOU completed after reading this blog. Have a beautiful and creative day!

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